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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

Admissions and Transfers


We welcome informal visits from prospective parents and children to view the school and to speak to the children and the staff. If you feel that you would like to visit us, please telephone the school office for an appointment on 01299 861260.


Whether or not you live in the school catchment area, all admissions are made subject to the Worcestershire LA Admissions Policy which is available at:


School Admission Arrangements for children aged 4 years


In order to enable all children to have the opportunity of three terms of reception age education, it has been agreed to have a single point of entry in September for children who are four years old before 1st September of that year.  All rising 5 children must attend school on a full-time basis from the term after they become 5 years old, in accordance with the County Admissions Policy.




Parents/Carers should refer to the Worcestershire County Council website for full details of the admission arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools. 


How to apply for a school place for September 2021 in the normal round of admissions 2020/21


All pupils who live in Worcestershire who wish to apply to any First/ Primary School, including any school outside the county of Worcestershire, are required to complete an online application . Applications should be completed online at and must be received at the County Council by 15th January 2021.


If you do not have access to the internet or require further information about the admissions process, please contact the Admissions Team at Worcestershire County Council for assistance.


Worcestershire parents are invited to state 3 preferences. All preferences are treated as equal initially and the over-subscription criteria applied to each preference. If it is possible to make a potential offer at more than one school, then the final offer will be the school ranked highest on the application.


The parents of pupils resident outside Worcestershire, but who wish to apply for a place at a Worcestershire school, must complete an application via their "home" LA. (The "home" LA is defined as the Local Authority relevant to the Child's home address).  The "home" LA will ensure that the application details are passed onto Worcestershire LA for consideration in the allocation of school places. If you are not resident in Worcestershire, then you should obtain admission details from your “home” LA, even if your preferences include schools within Worcestershire. 


Parents/Carers should be aware that different LAs and Academies, Foundation, Free and Voluntary Aided Schools may have different admissions criteria and therefore it is strongly advised that they ensure that they have understood the information available from each LA/School before stating their preference on any application form. Please contact the Admissions Teams of relevant LAs if further information is required.


When are decisions made?


Offers will be issued on 16th April 2021They will be issued direct to parents by School Admissions even if it is on behalf of the governing body of an Academy, Foundation, Free or Voluntary Aided school, or a school in a neighbouring LA.

In the few cases where it may not be possible to offer a place at any of the preferences stated on the application, a place will be offered at the nearest available school with places. For pupils not resident in Worcestershire, the offer or refusal will be sent direct to parents by the “home” LA even if it is for a school in Worcestershire.


Admissions to schools during the year outside the normal round of Admissions

The procedure for in-year admissions for Worcestershire residents is as follows:


1. Parent/Carer to obtain an application form (CA1), if a resident in Worcestershire, from any of the following sources:


  • Child’s current school (if in Worcestershire)

  • School being applied for (if in Worcestershire)

  • Worcestershire Hub Centre (Tel 01905 822700)

  • Download form from website ( 

2.  Parent/Carer to complete the application form and ensure form is counter-signed by current Headteacher (if already attending a Worcestershire School).


3  In the case of a first preference for a Community or Voluntary Controlled School, the parent/carer should then forward the form onto the School Admissions Section to be processed.


4. In the case of a first preference for an Academy, Foundation, Free or Voluntary Aided School, or a school in another Local Authority, the parent/carer should forward the form to the individual school.


5. The Local Authority or individual school will write to parents, normally within 10 school days of the form being received, to notify of the decision.In the case of an Academy, Foundation, Free or Voluntary Aided school, the school will also notify the Local Authority. Where it is not possible to offer a place, parents will be notified of the right of an appeal by the relevant admission authority and, in most cases, an alternative school will be offered.


6. If there are insufficient places for all applications received at a time, then priority will be decided in accordance with the published admissions criteria for the school.


In-Year transfer arrangements


Parents/carers seeking to transfer to a school that does not involve a house move, or where there is no need for an immediate move, need to be aware that any date set for joining the new school may be after the next term or half-term holiday and that parents/carers are responsible for ensuring their child continues to receive the appropriate education in the interim.


Is there a waiting list for schools that have too many applicants?


Waiting lists for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools, are maintained by the Schools Admissions Section and parents need to apply in order to be included. These waiting lists will be maintained until the end of the autumn term.  At that stage they will be discarded and parents will need to reapply at the start of the following term if they wish to be included.


Waiting lists for Academy, Foundation, Free and Voluntary Aided Schools are maintained by the individual schools and parents will need to contact the schools directly in order to be included.  Parents must consult the individual schools for details on the waiting list procedure.


Year Groups


A Year Group consists of the children whose birthdays fall on or between 1st September and 31st August the following year.


As a Primary School, we admit children in the following year groups:


Reception (YR) - Pupils who will become 5 years old between

1st September and 31st August.


Year 1 (Y1) - Pupils who will become 6 years old between

1st September and 31st August.


Year 2 (Y2)  - Pupils who will become 7 years old between

1st September and 31st August.


Year 3 (Y3) - Pupils who will become 8 years old between

1st September and 31st August.


Year 4 (Y4) - Pupils who will become 9 years old between

1st September and 31st August.


                                 Year 5 (Y5) - Pupils who will become 10 years old between

                                   1st September and 31st August.


                                 Year 6 (Y6) - Pupils who will become 11 years old between

                                   1st September and 31st August.


Starting School - New Reception Intake


During the Summer Term we offer the opportunity to all September starters in the Reception Year to come into school for 'Story Time' once a week and for two consecutive mornings as well as 'Stay and play' opportunities. This gives the children an insight into school life and the security of knowing where to hang their coats, where their classroom is and some knowledge of school routines. 


In July, there are two transition mornings, where the children have the opportunity to spend time in their new class. During an afternoon in the first few weeks (of July), you may be offered the opportunity for a 'home visit', where the class teacher and teaching assistant will visit your home and take the opportunity to have an informal discussion with you and your child while they are in their own environment. 


We look forward to welcoming your child into our school.


Upper Arley C of E Primary School Admission Policy

Transfer Letter for Parents whose children transfer to a new school September 2021