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Ofsted Report

Please find below, our most recent Ofsted Report.

Since the publication of the report, there has been a significant change in leadership, including the headteacher, Chair and Vice Chair of Governors. We look forward to welcoming Ofsted for our monitoring visit where they will observe positive changes in the school. This year our School Development Plan is guiding the work of the school, enabling rapid progress to be made against the Ofsted targets.

Our priority areas for development are:


1. Leadership and Management- Improve the quality of leadership and management by making sure that governors fulfil their statutory duties and plan strategically for school development.

2. Leadership and Management- Significantly improve the quality of the senior leadership and management of the school so that school fulfils requirements for the National Curriculum, quality of teaching improves and all groups make expected progress.

3. Quality of education - Substantially improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

4. Outcomes - Improve outcomes for pupils.

5. Early Years- Develop Continuous Provision in Early Years and Year 1 to further support learning attitudes and behaviours.

6. Behaviour and Personal Development - Develop high expectations and the learning environment to effectively support children’s learning behaviours.


Details and actions to support the priority areas are included in the School Development Plan. Monitoring the progress against these targets is the responsibility of Governors and the Headteacher. 

Ofsted Interim Visits to school – Autumn 2020

In March 2020, all routine Ofsted inspections were suspended. Ofsted continued their regulatory work during this time. As part of a phased return to routine inspection from autumn 2020, Ofsted carried out interim visits.

These interim visits were to reassure and inform parents, government and the public about how schools are managing the return to full education for all pupils.

These visits gather information about how schools are returning to the schools normal curriculum. There are no evaluations or judgements made during this visit. 

This letter briefly summarises the discussions the Inspectors had with Mrs Groome and myself. I hope that it provides you with some reassurance about how school has adjusted the curriculum for children returning to school full time and is ensuring consistency in the future planning of provision for what may lie ahead.