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Owls 17-18

During our topic work on heroes, the children have learned a lot about the royal family, particularly the Queen. They have also made their own crowns.

Through our literacy work, the children have learned and put their own actions to the National Anthem.

God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen 1

The Owls have been on a noun hunt..!


As part of literacy, we have been looking for a variety of nouns in our indoor and outdoor environment. 

Outdoor learning



As part of this topic, the children will have lots of opportunities to explore a variety of superhero stories and compare and contrast them to real-life heroes within the community, such as police officers, fire fighters and medical staff. We will then look at historical heroes such as Florence Nightingale and Nelson Mandela, putting this into context by learning about and understanding timelines.

The children will also learn about democracy and within our literacy lessons, will have the opportunity to write persuasively for the things they feel passionate about. Linked to British Values, we will look at the role of the Royal Family and learn ‘God Save The Queen’ before writing our own versions!

In maths this term, the children will be improving their knowledge and skills related to number, counting, place value, addition and subtraction. In line with the Mathematics and Bar Model policy on our website, we will be using a variety of resources, including Cuisenaire Rods, to aid the development of number skills. The fundamental approach will be through concrete exploration of solid objects, progressing to pictorial representations of numbers, before moving on to more abstract concepts.

There will be lots of opportunities for the children to be creative through art and design over the next few weeks. These will include activities such as designing and illustrating their own superheroes, using a variety of mediums to produce colours, patterns and textures.

Our theme for science over the next few weeks will be ‘Scientific Skills’. The children will develop their ability to ask scientific questions, explore a line of enquiry, make predictions, and take and record measurements. This will be fulfilled through the exploration of a dinosaur egg.

We will be using ICT to view and follow interactive stories and to explore websites that link to our topic. We will also be playing lots of ICT based educational games throughout the curriculum. This half term the children will follow a computing/coding scheme, learning that programs execute by following clear instructions, and that they respond to inputs to do different things. The children will also be taught to create, store and retrieve digital content.

In RE, we will be looking at the enquiry question ‘How should we care for others in the world and why does it matter?’ which links to our topic of ‘Superheroes’. Towards Christmas, we will discuss whether we think Jesus was a real-life hero. This will provide the children with opportunities to reflect, form opinions and develop speaking and listening skills. They will also have a greater understanding of what it is to be a global citizen and valuable member of the community.

 Our music lessons this half term will focus on Hero and Villain theme tunes. The children will explore and develop the skill of maintaining pulse, learn songs and chants using expression and dramatic voices, use their voices to explore high, medium and low sounds, and accompany songs and chants with instruments.

The children will continue to learn French throughout the year.



This half term, PE will be on a Thursday and ‘Superhero’ themed Dance will be on a Friday. Please make sure your children have their PE kit in school on these days. Our school PE kit consists of a white t-shirt, black or navy shorts, white socks, and trainers or pumps. Children may wear a plain black or navy tracksuit in the colder weather. If the weather is dry then some PE will take place outdoors. If it is wet then we will be using the village hall for PE lessons. For the next few weeks the children will be taking part in games activities in PE.


Show and Tell

In Owls Class, we ask that toys are not brought into school.  However, children are welcome to bring in things that relate to our topic to share with the class. We love to see photographs, interesting books and the children’s own pictures and writing! When the children bring in something to ‘show’ it will be kept in our special box in the classroom and then sent home once we have looked at it. There will also be an opportunity for children to ‘Show and Tell’ in our ‘Show and Tell’ assemblies which take place every other Friday morning.


Homework and Reading Books

The most important piece of homework is for your child to read with you on a regular basis, and we would be grateful if you could write in your child’s reading record when you have heard them read. This does not always have to be a school book and could even be reading comics, magazines or a favourite website. Our main aim with reading is for children to take pleasure in reading not only aloud but also to themselves. Reading to your child is just as valuable in helping them to learn reading skills as well as easing the pressure off them reading aloud on evenings where they may be too tired.

Children will be heard reading in school regularly, and we will change the books when the children are ready to move on. Please ensure that children have their named book bags in school with them every day. Reading activities that you could try at home include asking the child to tell the story using the pictures (covering up words if there are any), discussing their favourite part of the story and why, picking out all of the words that begin with a particular sound, predicting what might happen next, describing characters, and retelling the story without using the book. It is important to revisit a story after it has been read and to promote discussion. We will also begin to send home word fans with commonly occurring words written on them. This is to help children practise reading high frequency words and to learn to read them by sight. As well as the reading books we send home for the children to read, we also teach guided reading sessions in school. The children will have one group guided reading session a week with the teacher, and will also complete a follow-up task based on this book.

Children may also be set a piece of homework some weeks relating to something that we have been learning in class. This could be a short literacy or maths activity, a topic based task, or to find out about something or bring something in! Homework will be sent out on a Friday and should be completed and returned by the following Thursday so that it can be marked before the next piece of homework is given out.


Class Rewards

Each Friday, one child from Owls Class who has done some fantastic work will be chosen as ‘Star of the Week’. The child will receive a certificate and will be able to take a special trophy home with them. If your child brings home the trophy on a Friday, please ensure it is returned to school by the following Thursday ready for the new ‘Star’ to take home.

As a whole-school approach, we use the ‘zone board’ as a sanctions and reward system. All children start the day on green and have the opportunity to move up the zone board for exceptionally good behaviour, and to move down the zone board if they display unacceptable behaviour, following a warning. For children that move up the zone board and end the day on silver or gold, we will give out silver and gold stickers.

In Owls Class, children will have chance to receive a prize if they have stayed green (or above) all week. A raffle will be drawn on a Friday and the winner will get to choose a prize from the pot.

Children may also be rewarded a bead for super effort in their work. The beads are placed in a jar and contribute to the success of the class. When the jar is full, the class will be given a reward.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to come in and talk to us.

Thank you, Mrs Pinches