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Walk the Pipe!


We had an amazing afternoon yesterday, where we were visited by Kate Green (an artist) and Anne, learning all about the water pipe that runs from the Welsh Mountains all the way to Birmingham.  We had lots of opportunities to make music and even cut our own copper pipe!

"We learnt loads, but had great fun too!"

"Amazing! I never realised that a pipe could be so long!"

"I learnt how the length of the pipe affects the pitch of the sound!"


Swans Homework Week beginning 17.6.19 What Secrets Lie Beneath our Feet? Spelling and Maths.

Swans Class week beginning 20.5.19


We are very proud about how our class are settling and the attitude towards their work and learning that they are showing.



The children have been sent home with maths homework about scale drawings and they also have some handwriting and spelling common exception words to practise.

Please see attached documents.




Dear Swans Parents/carers


Myself and Mrs Mayall are very excited to be teaching in Swans after Easter and will be kicking off with a topic about Volcanoes using three very different quality texts. One is poetry book, one a non-fiction book and the other a book about dealing with anger!


We hope to deliver lots of different areas of the curriculum through our work on volcanoes.


We would like the children to find out about a volcano for after Easter. They can choose any volcano they like and write about it, do a presentation about it, paint it, create a model of it or absolutely anything they like about it!


Thank you for your patience whilst we have been sorting out staffing in Swans. 


If you wish to contact me please do so on the following email address as I will no longer be using the Headteacher one. Children's work can be sent to this email address if you would like me to print it out or if it is a powerpoint.


Kind regards,


Nina Geithner-Hill





Dear Swans,


We are both looking forward to teaching you after Easter and are looking forward to seeing what you come up with about Volcanoes!


Remember ... you can do absolutely anything you like as long as it is about a volcano.


This website is useful to get you started


This website will give you some information about some famous volcanoes


Please make sure your parents know what you are doing on the internet at all times!


Have a wonderful Easter,


Mrs G-H and Mrs Mayall






Swans homework   29.03.19


Swans need to choose a times table and learn related division facts


For example


3 x 4 = 12 

12 / 3 = 4


I would like them to create a poster with these facts on that can be displayed on our Maths working wall.

Swans table challenge  21.03.19


Children need to choose a times table to learn for next Friday 29th March. ( I suggest that Year 3 focus on 3s!)They can use the following website:

They can create an account and obtain their diploma. If they need it to be printed out then please email to Mrs G-H and I will sort it.


Many Thanks

Mrs G-H

Thank you for all your hard work practicing times tables at home, it has really helped the children with their learning in maths lessons.

Please continue to read with your child every day, the children are rewarded using the reading tree every 4 times their reading record is signed. 

Swans class homework 28.1.19-15.2.19

Year 4

Practice the x6 tables and related division facts.

Year 3

Practice the x8 tables and related division facts.

.e.g. 4x8=32  and  32 ÷ 8=4


Swans class homework 11.1.19-18.1.19


Yr. 3 - Practice x4 and x8 times tables.


Yr. 4 - Practice x6 and x7 times tables. 



It is wonderful to welcome Swans back this Spring term and we have a very exciting term ahead.


We will be starting off this year by using Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks as our Quality Text. Through this the children will be given lots of opportunities to find out about life in Ancient Greece. 


Image result for horrible histories groovy greeks







Apologies that the website has not been updated with homework for Swans class.


Please continue to practise times tables at home and reading as much as possible.


We will get the homework page back up and running in the New Year.



Mrs G-H

The deadline for Voices in the Park homework projects is Monday 12th November 2018.  Thank you to parents for all your support with these projects I have really enjoyed seeing ones brought in so far!

See the source image


Our new quality text is: Wanted: The Perfect Pet. 


The children are really enjoying using this book to help us with our learning.

On Tuesday we started with a visit to the river to see the ducks, I was so pleased with how the children behaved and listened. The children had a lovely time feeding the ducks and looking at the different types of ducks. 

The children have been busy this week learning how to write instructions to make their perfect pet disguises which I am looking forward to reading. 

We had a lovely walk down to the river to feed the ducks!

 Welcome to Swans


I am really looking forward to seeing what this year brings! All the children have made a fantastic start to the year and I am so proud them.

Below you will find lots of class information, photographs of what we have been doing and homework tasks set.

New information will be added from the top of the page.











The children have been busy learning their 4 and 8 times tables this week!

Thank you for all your hard work practicing these at home. 

Swans Homework 5th October-19th October 2018

1) Continue to practice the 4 and 8 times tables. 

2) Practice spelling Year 3 and 4 common exception words (sheet will be sent home).

3) Please continue to read with your child as much as you can. 


Thank you for your continued support. 



Swans Homework - 25th September-5th October 2018

1) Continue to practice times tables up to 12x12 - find fun ways of doing this!

2) Practice spelling words with contractions e.g. don't, shouldn't, haven't etc. The children are learning different strategies to help them with their spelling so please ask them to tell you about it. 

3) Please continue to read with your child every night, this doesn't have to be their school reading book and it can be you reading to them, the important thing is to share and discuss texts with your children. Please record this in the yellow Reading Record as children can earn dojos for doing this. 


This year we are using a quality text for the focus of our teaching and most of the curriculum will come from links with that text.

Our first Quality Text is

HERMELIN the Detective Mouse


Mini Grey



All children should have their Reading Record and their book to read in school every day. Children are expected to record what they have read in the book and to read for at least 15 minutes every day.


P.E. Days are Tuesdays and Thursdays – Please make sure that your child has the correct P.E. kit in school on these days. This includes warm jogging bottoms, sweatshirt (children should not be wearing their school jumper) and suitable trainers (not pumps with this age group please).



Mrs Geithner-Hill will be sending a letter home about this.

Homework for the next 2 weeks includes…

1) To learn times tables for quick recall. By the end of Year 4 children are expected to know all of their times tables up to 12x12.

Find fun ways of doing this e.g. In the car or the supermarket! Hit the button, quick fire questions. Children should record when they do this in their reading diary.

Parents can make a comment in their diary if they wish. Work can be sent in too.


2) Spelling – All children should be able to spell the days of the week, the months of the year and all the numbers up to 20. If the children know these they have some key words to learn. Please encourage them to learn these words in the interesting ways that we have in class – a sheet will be sent home and a copy will be placed in the whole school section. Children should record when they do this in their reading diary.


3) Handwriting – Some children will be sent home handwriting practice to complete.


4) Projects – At times children will be asked to complete a project. They will be given at least 4 weeks to complete this. I know the children love doing these and I am always amazed with the effort and enthusiasm that goes into them.



Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




Kind Regards

Miss Benyon






Please feel free to email me with any questions. Emails will be answered within 1 working day.

Here are some photos of what Swans have been up to the last few weeks...