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Swifts 2019 - 2020

Week Beginning Monday 1st June Activities in school

Welcome to Swifts - June 2020

We are so looking forward to you returning to school and seeing you all! 

Those of you that are returning to school will have your very own special work place and all of your own equipment just for you to use! 


Here are some photographs showing how our class looks like now...







Not only will we be working inside, but outside as much as possible too. Our first week back will involve lots of creative and active based learning.  We will also spend time discussing things, singing, doing short brain activities and experience a range of fun circle time activities. 


When you return to school you must wear your school polo and jumper (always bring it just incase!), but it is recommended that you wear bottoms and shoes that are appropriate for outdoor activity/PE.
When you return to school, you will only need to bring your water bottle, your lunchbox with a snack in it and ...yourself!


Here's a 'Little Hug' that may help you ...



For those of you who are still working at home, please see below for your


Home Learning activities.


Oak National Academy

  has also uploaded sequences of learning with daily lessons for

Maths, English, Foundation and PE.

 Summer Term 2  'Going for Gold'


Home Learning Week 1 - 1st - 5th June 


Summer Term 1 The Incredible Journey (Home Learning)

  Prior to March 2020 - Here in Swifts, we enjoy our time as a mixed Year 3 and 4 class. Mrs Mayall works with us on exciting topics to bring learning alive and help us make links between different subjects. We have a plan for the year, full of topics that support the wide curriculum, such as History, Geography, Science and the Arts. We move on from the more 'play based' curriculum of KS1 onto a more formal curriculum, preparing us for our transition into Upper KS2. 

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March 2020

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March 2020 1
World Book Day - Thursday 5th March 2020 2
World Book Day - Thursday 5th March 2020 3

Spring Term 2 Alive and Kicking Home Learning


Philosophy for Children is a wonderful way to bring adults and children together to discuss things that matter.  It enhances the children's thinking and communication skills, and boosts their self esteem, this has been proven to improve their academic achievement.


This week, we looked at which animals we thought were the most/least important. 

We worked together as a class to discuss the merits of each animal and decide where in the priority list they should be placed. 



Brr... It's Horrendous Outside!

A fun week of learning!

These are some of our home learning projects.  We have made Powerpoints and jar hurricanes!




Learning about how the length of wire or the number of batteries can affect the brightness of the bulb.  This is to help us make our own torches if we were ever caught in a hurricane!



Forest School



We are honoured to be working with Sara from the Birimngham Hippodrome's DanceXChange!

She is going to be working with all of our classes and we are looking forward to performing our dances at the Wyre Forest Dance Festival in March and in our school to parents too!



"It worked my body really hard!"

"I didn't know I could do that!"

PSCO Visit - Our ASPIRATIONS for the future

Many of us know what we would like to aspire to in the future.

Firefighter, doctor, nurse, vet, police officer, engineer, mechanic and even a fisherman!